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Shakespeare in the Park

Kirsten Rasmussen (Kate) and Alex McCooeye (Petruchio)*click photo for source (not mine)

Before I get into raving about The Taming of the Shrew, I just wanted to mention how unproductive I was today. It was great. You see, today was my first day off from work (besides weekends/sick calls) in… foreverrr. I had originally wanted to be super productive but after I managed to sleep in until 8am, eat a bit of breakfast, and have a quick read, my mind and body decided: No. Let’s not be productive today and catch up on all the sleep you’ve been missing.

So. I did just that. I slept until 1h30 where my stomach woke me up because I was starving. Then I napped after lunch. Ahhh, the sweet life of a house cat (but this is another story).

Anyway. Moving on from that boring topic and onto SHAKESPEARE~!

In this cosmopolitan reimagining of The Taming of the Shrew, co-directors Andrew Shaver and Paul Hopkins see the two main characters, Katharina and Petruchio, as sparring misfits whose love ultimately creates a transformation. The show will be presented as an Italian carnival, including a round stage reminiscent of a circus tent with an exit in the middle of the stage and side ramps leading actors in on bicycles and other devices. Actors will perform in 1960s Italian fashion wear with a touch of Elizabethan England, most notably in the collars. Performances will be highlighted by live a cappella Italian singing led by Davide Chiazzese, a Sicilian-bred actor with training in traditional Italian folk music.
– taken from Repercussion Theatre Website

Okay. As you can see, thinking about it still makes me giddy! 😀
It was so good. SOO GOOD.

It was my first time watching a play in the cemetery so that added quite an interesting atmosphere to it! It made me wish I had gone last year when they did Hamlet. The driver of the shuttle van told us there was even a bit of fog one evening. How creepy is that?

My friends and I got there a bit early, found a good spot on the right side of their set up, and set down our giant blanket. We watched and listened to them set up the mics and music and before long the show was on the road!

They sing in italian (as mentioned above); I didn’t understand a word of that but it sounded great! If I knew how to speak italian, or remembered the lyrics, I’d be singing along! Unfortunately, I can’t speak it so I can only hum what I remember of the tune. The rest of the play was in english though so don’t worry!

The costumes were really well done and I liked that the different “groups” had their own color theme to differentiate their characters (especially if they play two different ones). For example, Petruchio and his group wore light aqua/blue while Lucentio and Tranio wore purple/lavender.

The actors did an amazing job! Kept my attention the whole time. I’ve been to plays before where I’d unfortunately get bored and wish it would finish already (I was in a drama class while at college that required me to watch 4 plays throughout the semester). Their adaption was really well done, hilarious! I don’t think I’ve laughed so much at a play before. And their improvisation? Great! Just before the final banquet scene for the three marriages, some of the production workers were shouting about how the battery was running out, the actress who played Kate pulled Petruchio along saying something like: “Hurry Petruchio! Before the Battery runs out!” That got a good laugh from the audience.

You could tell the actors really seemed to enjoy what they were doing and had a passion for it. They weren’t just playing a role or saying lines. There was real energy behind their whole production that really stood out for me.


All in all, my friends and I had a great time and we’re definitely going back next year.
Did I mention how good it was??

Do you enjoy live shows? Or do you like performing (acting/singing/dancing)?

Personally, I love live performances. I’ve only been to see a broadway once, but I’ve been to plenty of plays and dance performances (non-professional though). I’m actually hoping to watch the Ballet production of Kaguyahime in October if my wallet allows me haha. We’ll see 🙂

Until Tomorrow~!

P.S: I leave you with a video of the intro of the play! (I also didn’t edit this yet because I’m in a bit of a rush; I’ll come back to that when I come back!)

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Must Share Excitement

This is a late and super short post but I just had to share my excitement with everyone.
I just got back from watching Shakespeare in the Park: The Taming of the Shrew presented by Repercussion Theatre at Mount-Royal Cemetery.

It was SO GOOD.

Seriously. I’m still smiling and laughing to myself.

I wish I hadn’t forgotten my camera to take pictures and show you all. But! I’m thinking of going to see it again before I leave on my trip! If I do, I definitely won’t forget to bring my camera.

I’ll talk more about it tomorrow since I should be getting some rest.
I just really wanted to share how I was feeling about it so you understand all the hype I’ll give it tomorrow. 🙂



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