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Adventure Time With Sam: A Weekend in New York

Our little crew in the big city (or rather, Central Park)
Mike, Me, Ang, Marco, & Alex

I just realized I never wrote about my time away from home so I thought better late than never! And then I went to look for any pictures I took of the adventure that kicked off my vacation and came to a realization. You’ll all think my friends and I are alcoholics because the only thing I have pictures of are the yummy drinks we drank.


Then I went to hunt through my friends’ photos and stole a few from them for the sake of this blog haha.

Anyway. On to the Adventure~!

Friday evening, July 20th marked the start of our journey to New York City. For some of us, it wasn’t the first time there, for others it was. Personally, it was my fourth time to the state, but my second time going with just friends.

Our bus left at 10pm? or maybe it was at 9h30? I can’t remember anymore and I don’t think I kept my paper/ticket.

We got to the border about an hour and a half into the drive and waited in line to go through the interview/customs process. One of my friends went first and I was called soon after to the worker next to his. My security guy wasn’t overly cold like my past ones were, and asked me only three questions. My name. Where was I going. And who was I with. When I answered the last question by pointing at my friend next to me and the others still waiting for their turn, he nods, smiles and says I’ve been cleared.

That was the shortest interview process I’ve ever had at customs. My friends’ laughed saying it was probably because my neon sweater made me look like a 14 year old (even though my passport clearly states my date of birth if the worker was quick at math). Sigh. Moving on.

The bus ride was pretty uneventful and I caught a bit of shut eye, but not much since buses aren’t as comfortable as trains.

Alex, Ang and her boyfriend Mike

Myself and Marco

We arrived in the city at 6am, took a taxi to our hotel The Double Tree by Hilton, checked into our rooms, freshened up and was back out hunting for breakfast. That took longer than we expected because we didn’t know where to go, which place was best, and the type of food my friends wanted. You all probably know me enough by now that I didn’t care what we ate as long as we ate soon. After being directed to a diner like place that had the typical eggs, sausage, potatoes, we settled into our booth and it was chow time.

I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but I downed two cups easily, especially since I knew we were going to be walking everywhere all day long. That’s when one of my friend’s pointed out a small difference between this city and ours. You pay for coffee with your breakfast and the waiter won’t ask if it’s separate bills. Actually, no restaurant in NYC asked us if it was a one tab thing and when we requested separate bills, they looked at us like we were from another planet. It was quite humorous haha.

After breakfast we took a long stroll in Central Park, lounged around for a bit and just took a breather to relax. Apparently the same weekend we were at the park there was a marathon going on so there were runners everywhere. It was interesting to watch and listen to all the cheering.

Our next stop of the day was Grand Central Station, FAO and the Apple store. Ahhh to be a kid again and to be giant men-children surrounded by gadgets. Need I say more about this stop of our trip?

After that, we hit time square, the M&Ms and Hershey stores, and our first bar of the weekend. In Time Square, they had blocked off the street for some sort of street sales so there was food and stuff to buy everywhereeee. My friend, Ang and I ate fried oreos. So unhealthy but soooo delicious. Urgh. Just thinking about it makes me crave some.

In the Limoooo it was a white one.

Look! our drink came with candyyy!

Moving on, we had one round at the bar before deciding to head back to the hotel for a nap because we were going to have a long night out later. We prettied ourselves up for this night out around 6pm and were out the door thirty minutes later. For some reason, we ended up in a limo, traveling in style to this chinese restaurant that had the best Szechuan dumplings ever. I swear. They were awesome. Once we finished chowing down, we went on our way to soho and bar-hopped there for the night before settling at the lounge/bar.

I don’t know how tequila is supposed to be done, but where I’m from, we do them as mini shots, we salt and lemon/lime. At one of the bars we had gone too, it was just tequila in these huge “shot” glasses. Urgh. Let me tell you, I hate tequila. Actually, both Ang and I hate tequila. It’s a dangerous dangerous drink, it burns and it’s not pleasant feeling in your stomach afterwards. Luckily, a waitress came back not a second later asking us if we wanted jello shot. Uh, did you even have to ask?! Anything to wash down the yuck of tequila.

The rest of the night, I stuck to candy drinks because they’re tastier (even though maybe a little more dangerous because it catches you off guard when you don’t realize how quickly or how much of said drink you drank).

Our drinking session ended around 2 am and someone had the genius idea to walk back to our hotel. An hour into our walk my friend’s boyfriend realized we were following the so-called genius idea of a drunk person and got the better idea of hailing a cab.

Once we got back to the hotel, we knocked out for the night.

Definitely not looking like tourists at all… Deciding where to go next.

Day two in the Big Apple was less eventful and much more relaxing. We just spent the morning lounging around, freshening up, and doing a little shopping. Once late afternoon came, the guys left us girls for the Chelsea match.

Ang and I decided to do the smart thing (unlike yesterday when trying to find a place to eat by winging it) and research what restaurants there were in our area. We walked around for a bit and came across this great italian restaurant and across the street from that was Dylan’s Candy Bar. It was perfect! Then on the way back, we found the LOVE sign.

Our last night in the city was spent relaxing some more, playing cards, listening to music and just talking. We stayed up until 3am laughing. It was great. I was a little disappointed I couldn’t make the trip back home with them but I wasn’t complaining because the next morning, I was on a plane to California. But that’s a story for another post. 🙂

Our last night’s card game.

Until Next Time~!

P.S: There are other photos but I’ll probably save them for a giant photo post of my summer 🙂

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Busy Being Semi-Unproductive

Foggy Montreal -St Catherine Street

Well today was a rather busy day of semi-unproductive-ness. 😀 But it was fun. See.
I had planned on getting some laundry done to start packing for my trip (I know. I leave on friday and I still haven’t packed… this is normal. You’ll quickly learn I’m probably the queen of procrastinating) after work. Instead I went along with a co-worker while she handed out resumes (and a pit stop to take pictures of the city and the fog) until noon where we went our separate ways: me meeting a friend (Mandy my co-writer over at Dreaming With Ink), her heading home.

Mandy and I then walked up and down Ste-Catherine’s browsing the shops for a bit before going to meet another friend of mine during his lunch break. I hadn’t seen him in a few weeks and we’re going to New York together with a few of our (mostly his) friends on friday so I figured it would be best to get an idea of what our plan is. Once we separated with him, Mandy and I decided we were hungry (that’s not new haha).

We went to visit an old place we frequented during our college days and reminisced those hilarious adventures we had. One day, we should just record our shenanigans just so you see how crazy-sometimes face-palm worthy we get.

Did I say where we had gone? Sorry, we went to this place called L2 in Chinatown! Ordered (the usual): some Green Apple Bubble Tea, Taiwanese Spaghetti, Spring Rolls and Fried Buns. 😀 Delicious. I’m getting hungry again just looking at the photos. Yumm.

After that, Mandy and I got stuck in the rain, raved over cute things at some boutiques, and I went crazy at this korean store. Did I mention I love the catchiness of korean music? Well now you know haha! I’ll get into that next time because, really… that’s a whole post in itself. I’m surprised I hadn’t written about my love for it yet!

Anyway. After this long day I think I’m going to get some sleep!
Until tomorrow~!

Foggy Montreal – St Catherine Street

Green Apple Bubble Tea

Taiwanese Spaghetti

Spring Rolls

Fried Buns

P.S: I didn’t ask how your weekend went!! Sorry about that, hope it went well 🙂

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Playing Tourist

Meli and I with the canopy in the background

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy playing tourist in my own city just to see what’s going on and be around people who love where they are. Now. With all the strikes that had been going on almost daily, I didn’t really feel the need to explore the city like I usually do. But, since it’s toned down a lot I decided maybe today’s the day to go on an adventure!

After work, I decided I wanted to see ‘Les Boules Roses’ by Claude Cormier & Associates. It’s a canopy made out of pink resin balls that goes on for 1 kilometre through Montreal on St. Catherine Street. I missed it last year so I knew I didn’t want to miss it this year!

While I explored and took a few photos, I listened to live music, watched people play on a giant chess board and (finally) fulfilled my craving for sweet potato fries. All in all, it was a nice relaxing afternoon and I think my next “playing tourist” adventure will be at Jean Drapeau, or maybe the Old Port! We’ll see!

Do you play tourist and explore your city? If you’re from Montreal, any recommendations for where I should go exploring next?

Au Village
Nous Croyons
Que Les
Doivent Enrichir
Que Diviser

At the Village
We Believe
Should Enrich
Than Divide

an R is missing… It fell haha.

Till next time~!

P.S: It’s a good thing I got home relatively early. It’s pouring outside, there’s thunder and lightning and my power has been out for 3 hours now. Sigh. Thank god for smart phones or else this post wouldn’t be getting up on time…


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It’s summer time and I find myself wanting to write more. Who knows how long this will last but I’ll definitely try to keep this going for as long as possible. It’s rare when my muse actually wants to get going so I might as well take full advantage of this huh?

I don’t know what to expect from this new blog so this will be an adventure for myself and whoever else comes across this page. We’ll see what happens! What I can predict though, is lots of food. Lots of Photos. And lots of general silliness that seems to go on around me.

Cheers to the unknown!
By the way, I’m Sam and this is my new blog.

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