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Apparently, It’s Never Meant to Be.

So, I don’t know why I’m so unlucky but it’s really starting to get annoying if not a little humorous at my own expense!
Now, You’re probably thinking I’m talking about relationships or something coming from the title but I’m not. I’m talking about shoes. (Yes. I’m actually going to sound like a typical girl for a whole post. Please bear with me.) I was talking about this at work and my co-workers blinked at me because very rarely do I come across as a “girly girl” (if ever).

When I started raving about shoe and bag shopping today they were all like: “Wow. You sound like a girl.” Last I checked, I was a girl so it should be okay to sound like one haha. It’s almost like they forgot or something.

Anyway, back to the “never meant to be” point I was trying to make.

Whenever I find a pair of shoes I like. By like, I mean LOVE. They never have my size. Ever. EVER. -tear tear-. Seriously. It’s never meant to be. I don’t know why, but ask anyone who goes shopping with me. I’m the unluckiest shoe shopper in my city. If I’m feeling particularly determined to get these shoes (without buying them online), I’ll go to three or four of the same shop in different parts of the city and hunt down my size. Sometimes, very rarely, I manage to get them. Most of the time, I settle for a second or third pair I liked (but didn’t love).

I know it would probably be easier to buy them online, but I like trying them on first to see how it looks on me rather than on the display or some model. Sometimes, that shoe I loved isn’t what I thought it would be on me and I’m happy I didn’t splurge on it 🙂

Today for example, after work, I spent 2 hours. TWO HOURS. Looking for shoes. And every single pair that I liked, they wouldn’t have my size. I went to 4 different stores, but 10 shops in total if that makes sense. None of them had my size in the shoes I want. 😦

I’m not discouraged though. No. I’m determined. I’m going shopping tomorrow morning (when I should be packing) to hunt down my shoes. At the rate it’s going, I’ll probably settle for something else, but I’m reallyyyy going to try and get the ones I want before I leave for my trip.

Do you get into similar situations of “because you want it you can’t have it”?
It sucks.

I hope this post made you laugh a little because as much as I hate that this happens to me, it gets quite comical. I laugh at myself.


Hopefully I’ll get a post up before I leave tomorrow~!


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