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A (Not So) Lazy Saturday

my jogging route

My Jogging Route

Good morning everyone!
Happy Saturday 🙂

It’s the start of the weekend and I’m just wondering how you’re all doing? What are your plans for the day? Do you have lots of things that need to get done or will you have one of those relaxing sit-down days with a cup of whichever beverage you prefer (I’m a tea person because coffee makes me jittery)?

Do you have a weekend routine that you don’t have much time during the week for?
I like playing some nice music when I’m waking up! I can’t do that during the week because my father is still asleep at 4h30 in the morning. On weekends though, I manage to sleep in at least until 8am and he’ll be up by then blasting his own music.

A few songs from this morning’s playlist are:
Hungry Ghosts – I Don’t Think About You Anymore But, I Don’t Think About You Any Less
Daughter – Youth
Ron Pope – A Drop in the Ocean
Sia – I’m in Here
Cinematic Orchestra – To Build A Home

Jogging Route

Other than that morning routine, I have loads of things to do and so little time (and maybe a dash of laziness as well). But there is one thing I do want to get done today! Since it’s not overly warm out and with it being cloudy, I feel like this morning is the perfect time to go for a jog. It’s been a few weeks since I went on one because I was recovering from a cold. I feel if I don’t get back on track with my running schedule, I’ll never get back into it. I’ll let you know if I manage to get this jog done!

Not much time left for blogging today so I’ll keep it like this 🙂
Short and Sweet.

Till Tomorrow~!

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