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It’s been almost a year since my mini trip abroad and I’m itching to get on the first plane out of here to experience it again, although, not quite for the same reasons as last year (unfortunately, responsibilities to school and work are the only things stopping me).

This time last year I was a bit in a bad way struggling with “real world” things and the typical twenty-something troubles like “where am I going in life / making terrible decisions / making crappy friends”. That’s why I essentially ran away to Ireland for a week and I fell in love. But not to be mistaken for one of those “chick-flick” falling in love with someone abroad type things— no. I fell in love with Ireland and I left my heart there.

Do you know why I left my heart abroad? Because Ireland offered me a sense of freedom that I felt I couldn’t get back home. However, it wasn’t only freedom from my worries~ it was freedom from my own negativity. This freedom and endless sea of positivity that I found in Ireland is why a piece of my heart will always rest there. It’s an experience that can never be taken away from me and it’s something I can always look back on when I’m feeling particularly lost.

Ireland taught me to find this freedom wherever I am and that once I find it, to always keep in sight. I won’t always hold on to it, but I will never lose it.

I didn’t do much drinking while in Ireland (in fact I can count on one hand how many drinks I had while I was there), but I didn’t mind that so much because drinking authentic irish beer wasn’t why I went in the first place. I might have mentioned this in one of the previous posts, but I went to Ireland because it was the exact opposite of home. It’s not a huge bustling city (at least, not what I witnessed), and the beautiful green space almost everywhere called to me.

I landed and based myself in Dublin but I spent most of my trip trekking; I guess you could say I fell for some “tourist traps” but I went to the ones that offered the most green. 🙂

Here’s are a few of my favourite moments:

I remember having a cup of coffee by the harbour at Doolin (on my second day in Ireland) and thinking it was a great start to the morning despite dealing with a bit of jet-lag. It was supposed to be cloudy and in Dublin it had been drizzling since the afternoon before, but once we left the city centre, it was all bright skies and sunshine.

My stroll at the Cliffs of Moher was amazing. There’s no view like that at home (not that I know of anyway) and it took my breath away. I remember sitting at the edge at one point just taking in everything around me in a state of awe. As much as the baby cliffs (at the Burren) were nice to see, the cliffs at Moher offered more green. I can still remember the earthy smells! Tt was also a pretty warm day and with the long trek, the open space offered a nice refreshing breeze. I wish I was able to express what I was feeling then and there better but as cliche as this sounds, there are no other words that could describe what it was like there. My time at the cliffs was definitely one of my favourites during my stay in Ireland.

Trekking in County Antrim, where the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge is, was also a trek to remember. For one it was really hot that day (I didn’t even need a sweater— that selfie I used as a feature photo in part one was taken then) and the view there is just as amazing as what Moher has to offer. The water there was so clear and such an amazing blue/green it was a sight to behold. I even crossed the rope bridge which for me and my fear of heights is quite the feat.

I even went to the Giant’s Causeway which is a very interesting place! Definitely a tourist-y thing to do but if you ever go, I do recommend listening to the history and stories the place has to offer. It’s a very crowded area though (or it was on the day I went) so don’t expect it to be as peaceful as the other places mentioned above.


My trek at Glendalough in Wicklow was really great as well. It reminded me a bit of home because the hiking route had the same atmosphere as one of the mountains I hike. It was a calm rainy day but it was a nice kind of quiet that helped me with clearing my mind. I remember finding a spot by the lake and just sitting there with my journal and being able to write page after page after page— something I hadn’t been able to do then because I suffered from creative blocks.

Next time: I’ll talk about my side trips to Paris, Edinburgh, and London.
I hope you enjoyed some of the photos 🙂 if you want to see more photos let me know~
I’m pretty sure I can dig up a few more of my favourites!


p.s: Can we just admire all the green wide open spaces and fresh air Ireland has to offer? ❤

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I Left My Heart Abroad

Trekking in Ireland

I never thought I’d say this about being home but it’s slightly bittersweet. My tiny trip abroad was good to me. A little too good maybe. But before I get into those post-trip feels I want to start at the beginning; let’s rewind to June when this idea was first born.

My trip was a spur of the moment plan that came to me after enduring a horrible week. I wasn’t running away exactly… more like going away for a very short time so I can breathe and think things through properly. And as you may or may not already know, once I get an idea in my head I obsess over it until I deem it a hopeless case. Well… I obsessed over this crazy idea for about two weeks. Two long weeks full of planning, crunching numbers, and tons of research; it was all I spoke about, thought about, dreamt about, and I swear I could practically taste freedom on my tongue. If it was possible to eat these ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I most likely would have.

Researching involved hours in front of a computer (even browsing on my phone when I was in the car or the bus) and browsing through the travel books at work. Mapping out the best location for hostels/B&Bs, public transportation schedules, and alternative plans b through z was a long venture and Google Maps became my best friend along the way.

I probably annoyed my mother with the gigantic novel-sized texts I sent her way about these hostels, tours, prices, and savings for days on end; I very nearly went crazy. Ironic really… stressing out over the planning process for a trip that’s supposed to de-stress you… Either way, things started looking up by the end of that second week.

The next thing I know, my flight is booked. It’s official. I’m going to Ireland. Mid-June until August 1st I dedicated all my free time to work work work trying to save up tons of money to pay everything off and still have enough cash left over for food and spending in my pocket. If you’re a long time follower here, you may have noticed I didn’t update much (although, you could have just assumed it was another one of my regular breaks from the web)… Well work was why I disappeared… I worked seven days a week for nearly two months but it was worth it.

During this intense work period I was asked two questions by friends, family, and co-workers. 1. Why are you working so much/motivated to take on all these hours? To which I answered: I’m going on a trip. Upon elaborating, they asked me 2. You’re going by yourself?!

How does one decide to go traveling solo? Especially as a solo female traveler people tend to caution you “It’s dangerous/you shouldn’t go alone” before you even tell them where you’re going.

Deciding on traveling solo was an easy decision for me to make. I wasn’t going to stop myself from going on a trip because my friends couldn’t come with me. When I first thought of going to Ireland, I even contemplated and researched tour companies like Contiki, TopDeck, and EF College Break Tours so I wouldn’t have to go “alone”. I almost settled on a tour with one of them but decided against it in the end.

I remember being with a tour group for 10 days when I was in high school and as much as I enjoyed it, there were plenty of things I could have gone without seeing and places I wish I had gone to see or stayed longer in instead. Since this mini trip was for me, I came to the decision that I should just plan it to go the way I want it to be. And by plan, I mean make a list of all the things I want to see and then find the best and cheapest way to get to there (Try not to make your plans set in stone because stuff happens… and sometimes you just can’t do something about it– you’ll save yourself the disappointment this way).

After committing myself to this solo trip, the next question I got a lot was: Aren’t you worried/scared?

To be honest. I was a little worried because I’m prone to getting myself into odd situations but scared… not really. I’m used to exploring my city on my own so I figured it shouldn’t be too different. Besides, every place I chose to visit on this trip, (Ireland, England, Scotland, and France) I could get around in easily because I can speak, read, and write in english and in french.

“What is there to be scare of?” I’d ask them. In return my friends would ask me if I ever watched those “Hostel” movies (or whatever they’re called). When my answer was no, they told me not too haha.

Do people normally feel scared before their first solo trip? I imagine if someone was too scared to go abroad by themselves they just wouldn’t go without a friend. Although, I would definitely recommend going on at least ONE trip by yourself if you can. It’s something to be experienced. I don’t know if I’ll be able to describe what I felt exactly but I’ll try my best in my next post.

I’ll leave you with that for now.

Until Next Time~
P.S: I know I say this all the time but I missed you guys! It’s good to be back! I hope you’re all doing well! I’ll try to catch up on everything that’s been going on in my feed soon! 😀


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Where Am I Going?

Now that I’m a student again those “what am I going to do with my life” thoughts have come back to haunt me with a vengeance (probably because it had been put on the back burner for about a year or so). You’ve probably had similar thoughts and if you’re anything like me, you were probably wondering, worrying, stressing about how things might not go your way.

I know it’s completely normal to not know exactly what you want to do in life. Some people are lucky and knew from the start, others had/maybe still have no idea what they’re doing and continue to coast through life.

My problem wasn’t so much of a “what am I going to do” but a “which one should I choose” kind of deal. In high school, I knew I wanted to go into the arts or writing. When I applied for CEGEP (if you’re unfamiliar with the acronym, it’s General and Professional College (in French though) that’s pretty much required for Quebec students if you want to go to University) I did Arts and Culture which was a nice mix between fine arts classes, art history, film studies, journalism, creative writing and how this all related to society and different cultures. When it was time to apply for University, I knew it was time to choose. Which artistic side of me did I want to pursue more? My writing or my art?

After some contemplating, I realized that no matter how much I loved drawing and painting, I would never be able to do it as a career. I couldn’t see myself doing it every day for the rest of my working life. Freelancing it, keeping it more as a hobby than a job was fine but anything more than that, I felt like I would probably lose my passion for it. With writing though, it was different. I knew I’d be able to do it everyday, even if I didn’t feel like it, but not lose my passion for it. In fact, while I might not update my page every day here (like I did in the beginning) I still write every day. It just doesn’t get posted.

With that understanding, I went for literature and as a result I’m currently an English Lit major with a minor in Professional Writing.

That’s when more options, career-wise, were revealed to me and for a good part of my first year of undergrad studies, I started thinking about what exactly I wanted to do with this degree. At the time I was really interested in going abroad helping countries build schools and teach. But as I was taking composition classes and learning about editing it brought me back to my journalism classes back at CEGEP and it made me want to venture into that field. Then, during my year off when I got hired at a book store, I contemplated on working in the book/publishing industry. Sigh. Decisions…

In an ideal world, I’d like to do all of these jobs/careers one day. If I plan it carefully, maybe I’ll manage to pull it off. I mean, there are plenty of volunteer groups that go to countries in need, builds schools and teach so I could join one of those for a summer or two (or four).

After I finish my degree, I was planning on applying for this internship I found that works directly with the Canadian magazine industry and I’m sure I could find something similar for the publishing industry as well. If those fell through, I knew I wanted to go back to school and get my art and education degree so I could teach art or English. Ideally though, I’d love to work for/in magazines/journals/publishing first and when I “retire” or something, move onto teaching to share my experiences.

These are all just hopes and dreams at the moment but I hope I’ll achieve them one day soon.

Above all of these, I’ve always wanted to inspire. I always hope that one day my words, works or actions will inspire someone like many have inspired me. I think that’s partly why I started this blog in the first place. To connect with the world and give a piece of myself no matter how small. Maybe I could bring a few smiles along the way… who knows?

Where am I going?

I’m going to finish my studies
I’m going to strive and work hard
I’m going to continue dreaming and reaching and hoping
and one day
I’m going to make all of this happen.

Until Next Time~!


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Why I’ll Start Facing My Fears More Often


WELL. I was away longer than I had anticipated. I was originally going to come back on Monday, but I was just so tired that by the time I’d get home from work, I’d knock out for the day. I think it’s partly jet-lag and partly not having slept much while I was away. Anyway, I am back and things should return to a daily posting schedule! 😀 I missed you all and hope you’re doing well!

Since it’s my big return, I figure I should make this post worth it! It helps since I had a mini life-changing experience when I was away, and I feel like it’s a nice welcome back post.

I’ll be talking about Fear. Or, more specifically, facing said fears. Being scared of something can paralyze you and prevent you from doing something you might actually really want. It can be over trivial things, like spiders (I normally can’t sleep in a room I know a spider is currently residing in), or something pretty reasonable like dying or being alone.

Letting you in on a not-so secret of mine, I’m terrified of spiders, clowns, heights and falling. Also, being a human-being, I don’t like setting myself up for rejection whether it be from a job, school, or maybe a relationship, and sometimes, that fear stops me from going for something I want. I’ve been working on that and so far it’s been going alright :). What’s life without a little risk right? Besides, getting rejected is part of life, you can’t always get what you want (unless you’re extremely lucky, which I’m not, but that’s another story for another day).

Now that you know what I’m scared of, let me elaborate on two of my fears: heights and falling. I can’t stand on a balcony/roof (even if it’s one floor up) without feeling nervous. I’ve been working on this fear by going on roller-coasters and airplanes etc, but it’s not the same. An airplane doesn’t feel like you’re X feet high and could plummet to your death should something go wrong. A roller-coaster goes way too fast to even register the height. For me, on a balcony/roof, you can see the distance from the ground and know you put yourself in that high position… and willingly too.

So before I get into the nitty-gritty stuff, let me tell you a story:

While I was in California, the topic of skydiving came up. For some odd reason, despite my fear of heights I decided, hey! I should do it! As a result, for the rest of the week while I was there, I’d ask my mother: “Am I jumping out of a plane on monday?” At first she was like: “sure”. I think it’s because we were both joking about it. But then I kept asking and it just made her nervous and her answer changed to maybe.

My thoughts and feelings about skydiving for the week were pretty nonchalant, like: yeah I can do this!
No biggie! It’s like I forgot I was scared of heights or something. Then when I asked for a final time that monday (the day I would have gone if we were home and not driving back to the city), part of me jokingly, part of me serious my mother asked me if I was sure because if I was, she’d drive me to the parachute center the next day (my last day in california).

I said yes, but really… I wasn’t. Next thing I know, she called the place and asked if she had to make an appointment but they said to just drop in between so and so time. That’s when I started getting extremely nervous. I mean, for someone who’s terrified of heights like I am, skydiving is a serious thing.

How did I expect myself to get a good night’s rest when I know after I wake up the next morning, I’ll be jumping out of a plane. At 13,000 feet. WHAT?

Before going to bed I browsed youtube and watched other first-timers tandem dive and that just made me much more nervous I started to shake and my palms started getting really clammy. I wanted to back out. I really did. I ended up messaging my friend saying: Hey. so. I might do something stupid and crazy tomorrow. Wish me luck.

I didn’t tell her what just in case I chickened out hahaha. I had nightmares that night about collapsing bridges and world destruction and when I woke up in the morning I was super quiet. I’m not saying I’m a morning person, but after at least an hour of being awake, I’m fairly talkative. My mother asked me one more time if I was ready. I couldn’t talk so I just nodded. By this time I started feeling really ill. Then I was getting ready and soon enough we were on the road. It’s supposed to be a 30 minute drive to the center but it seriously felt like two minutes.

I could barely walk straight but I get into the place, was directed to the front desk, paid for my jump and a video+photo package and next thing I know, I’m watching a horribly yet hilariously made intro video and I’m signing my life away. I will admit I barely read the contract, I couldn’t concentrate on it and all I knew was to sign my initial in the little boxes and then my full signature and date at the bottom.

Once I handed my paper in, the workers there told me I could sit outside and watch others jumping. At first I was too nervous to watch but I knew I had to brave it out. I think it just made me more nervous to be honest. The whole time I was thinking: “SAM!? WHAT ARE YOU GETTING YOURSELF INTO?! WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF YOU CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY GIRL!!!”

I was soooo close to backing out, I’m pretty sure I was near tears and possibly extremely pale at this point but I think I managed to hide it. My number is called, I head to the other room and suddenly everything gets so so real. I’m geared up with the harness, I’m introduced to my partner: Paulo, and my cameraman: Yuriy, I’m instructed on the how’s and what’s of tandem diving and then, I’m headed to the plane.

No turning back now.

Up and away we go and unfortunately, being the first to board the plane means you’re the last to dive. That means you watch everyone else fall out of the plane seemingly to their death and then it’s your turn. At this point, you don’t have time to be scared and even if you hesitate, it means nothing because your partner will just dive anyway and being attached to him or her means you have no choice but to go along for the ride.

There’s this moment, when I’m at the edge of the plane’s door staring out at the world knowing I’m 13,000 feet high up in the sky about to dive out and the only thing I can remember feeling is acceptance. Acceptance of what I’m not too sure, accepting my fate? My fear? Over-coming it maybe? It’s a little unclear. That might be because my thoughts were interrupted when Paulo decided we enjoyed the view enough and we were free falling for a minute and a half.

I can tell you now the experience was amazing. There’s no funny dropping feeling in the pit of your stomach. Since I’m not a bird I can’t compare it to flying, but it must be a pretty close comparison. I think the best word would be floating though, especially when the parachute is up and you’re just sailing.

The whole point of this long story is if you can move passed fear you can pretty much do anything humanly possible. You might not understand how proud I felt for myself, and accomplished too, but I was. I mean, the night before and the whole morning before my turn I doubted myself. I was in a world full of self-hate and that’s a pretty crappy place to be in because you feel horrible. In my head I wanted so badly to back out but then I’d get angry at myself, calling myself names none too pretty. I’m really my own worst critic but because I managed to push all that negativity aside and set my mind to this goal of overcoming this fear, I felt like I was on top of the world.

My mother says if I put myself in this mentality for everything in life, nothing can stand in my way for what I want. It’s true. It doesn’t mean you will get everything, but at least you’ve given everything you’ve got to try and get it. And like I said earlier, what’s life without a little risk? It’s the same as a life without dreams. Boring. A person will just sail through life, living but not really experiencing what there is. If you’re living this life once, why not make the most of it? Why not challenge yourself and figure out what your limitations are? If fear is holding you back, think about what you can do to over come it. It’s obviously easier said than done, like many things in life, but would you want to live a life full of what-ifs and maybes or the feeling of being proud of yourself?

My skydiving experience was a real eye-opener. I realized the limitations I thought I had were wrong and it’s all about what you can and will dedicate yourself into doing. I don’t think I had ever felt so proud of myself before that moment and that feeling is so overwhelming but so amazing I want to feel it more often. I mean, it’s one thing having someone feel proud of you, but to feel it for yourself because you did something is another feeling all together.

Am I making any sense?
I hope so.

I think it’s a little funny how skydiving had to be the event to make me see this, but hey, it’s different for everyone, right?

So, if you’re scared of heights, I definitely recommend skydiving (and even if you’re not scared of heights, skydiving is definitely something you should try if it interests you!). The next time life presents you with an opportunity to face your fear, whatever it is, take it. Take it and run! You’ll regret it if you don’t, and even if the outcome isn’t what you wanted, at least you tried.


Until tomorrow~!
It’s good to be back!


Signing my life away

Gearing Up

Saying byebye to Mom; She was pretty terrified for me

Paulo, Me and Yuriy 🙂 ❤

Post Jump 😀

Hug! 😀


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Picture it & Write: Living

My entry to this week’s Picture it & Write prompt from Ermiliablog. 🙂

Invaders by *syda-ginger (deviantArt)


Tensions were high, heavy, and suffocating. Smothering her like an overbearing mother and filling the already overflowing car with pressure. Opening the car window, she leaned out in search for relief and felt the strain ease just little by little. She sighed, resting an arm over the edge of the window frame to cradle her head, the other came out to hang over the edge and play arm wrestling with the wind.

The evening was cool and quiet, the road empty except for the two of them, headed to somewhere and nowhere at the same time. Self-discovery maybe, to learn about themselves and each other, to find out where life would take them and if they would continue down that path together. She hoped so. She wanted to continue down this road with him, arguments and all.

Coming up to her right, she could see a clearing; A seemingly never ending field of wide open space and the perfect view of beauty. “Stop!” she said breaking the silence between them for the first time in hours. “Turn there!” She pointed to the clearing.

Her companion looked at her and sighed, probably deciding it was better to just go along with her plans than cause more tension. The sound of crackling gravel beneath their tires filled the air as they left the smooth road. That gave way to the soft whispers of the dancing grass before they came to a stop.

She rushed out of the car with a small gleeful laugh of excitement. Taking in a deep breath of fresh air, the kind of air that was hard to find in the city, she smiled. She turned squinting to try and see through the bright headlights of the car. She stared at him and knew that he was staring back.

“Will you come out here?” she asked. “Please?”

There was a beat of silence and she was worried. Worried this was the end of them. But then, the engine cut and the driver’s door opened. He stepped out, a blanket in his hand, and shut the door behind him.

“Not worried about catching a cold?” he asked, a slight up-tilt to his lips.

That’s when she knew they were going to be okay. “Nope. I have you.”

Taking the blanket and spreading it out for them, she laid under the night sky and after a moment he joined her. They laid there watching the stars zip passed and twinkle, watching the fireflies float by blinking a song in their own morse code, and listening to the whispers of the wind and the crickets chatting away.

“I’m sorry. For earlier,” she said in a whisper. She turned to look at him and found him already looking at her.

He smiled and she smiled back. “I’m sorry too,” he said.

She shuffled closer placing a gentle kiss on the corner of his lips before resting her head on his shoulder. He took her hand, giving it a gentle reassuring squeeze, then brought it up to his lips and placed a kiss along her knuckles.

“What are we doing here?” he asked.

“Living,” she replied.

Hope you enjoyed that
Until tomorrow~!


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May and June 5am Sunrise

Ever since I was a child, I loved watching the sunrise or the sunset. There’s always something so soothing about it that makes me feel at ease. In the morning, dark blues lighten to pale purples and pinks before gradually going red, orange, and yellow. And then the sun peaks over the horizon like mother nature is waking up on one side of the world and donning on her crown.

July’s Sunrise (I ran out of Instant Film)

When I started working at the bookstore most of my shifts required me to be there for 6am. Living outside of the city like I do means I have to be up at 4h30 and leave my place by 5am. During the winter, it was still dark out but as spring came along, slowly but surely, I’d get glimpses of the sunrise! Now that it’s summer, the sunrise starts at around 4h45 so if I’m done getting ready by that time, I’ll take a seat outside and watch it for a bit.

This Morning, the Moon was as bright as ever on the opposite side of the sunrise!

It really is magical. There are days when I think about how we’re living in such a material world and we forget. Forget about the beauty that’s around us and it kind of makes me sad. The world’s beauty has always been there but why can’t we take the time to appreciate it more? Why are we able to make time for facebook, or whatever else, but we can’t take 5 minutes to “stop and smell the roses”. Sometimes, it really is just the simple things that can give you a moment of happiness, you just have to take the time to see it.

I decided it would be best if I shared my sunrises (and one sunset) with you! I hope, maybe, on your next sleepless night or early morning, you’ll take the time to watch the sunrise with me on your side of the world!

Till next time~!


The Sunset on my way home back in May


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Picture it & Write: Keys

I should have probably mentioned this in my first post but I’m going to attempt writing one post every day on this blog. I never know what I’ll write about when I open up a blank document and even as I’m typing away right now, I’m still not sure what I want to write… For moments like these I’ll most likely pull up a prompt and see where that takes me!

I found this prompt called Picture It & Write from Ermiliablog and I think this will do just fine!

The room was cold and dark save for the golden flicker of light from the single candle resting on an old wooden table. On that table, piled haphazardly, were keys of every shape and size each engraved with different words. Every step he took towards the keys made his heart beat harder. Anticipation. Fear. Excitement. He placed his hands either side of the table and stared at the keys. What was next?

A whisper broke through the silence that enveloped the room and danced towards his ears. “You wanted to play god and now you can.”

His grip on the table tightened. “You can only choose one key. What do you want? For her to love you? Dream about you? Give you her heart? Her life?”

He lifted his hand ready to choose but it hovered over the pile suddenly hesitant.

“What? What do you want?” The whisper repeated over and over and over again.

Shaking his head in frustration, dark eyes filling with determination, his hand reached out and took a key.

“Good choice.”

Hope you enjoyed!


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This morning after work, I was having a coffee break and someone had come up to me complimenting the tattoo I have on my back (featured above). We both got to talking about our ink and if we had a story behind them. Mine wasn’t really a story but more of an idea.

As you’ll come to realize, I have a fascination for Dreams. Not the kind where a girl fantasizes about boys or whatever. No.

I love the idea of dreams being something you work towards. I’ve always thought to myself:

“Dreams are our hopes and ambitions coming to life; they’re the beginnings of a goal and the road to something greater. We only have to walk that path to make our dreams come true.”

It’s not always easy to walk down that road but what road is ever perfectly smooth the whole way through? Sometimes you’ll want to give up, sometimes there will be a fork in the road and you won’t be able to decide which way to go, but you always have to remember that no matter what, at the end of that path your goal is there.

Along the way you’ll meet people who will help you towards this goal and you’ll meet people who will try to stop you but as long as you keep going you’ll eventually get to that destination. You have to keep your head up, keep walking, and keep moving forward.

Now, I’m not perfect so I forget this sometimes. Often if I’m being honest. Going after what you want isn’t the easiest thing in the world. There are days when I don’t have enough courage or enough motivation. There are days when I just don’t care and it sucks. I get angry at myself but then I remember, getting angry at yourself doesn’t help. It doesn’t move you forward but keeps you back.

There are times when I worry, will I ever be able to reach this goal? Make these dreams come true? Who knows. I’ll have to keep trying to figure it out. There will probably be some dreams I won’t be able to make happen but trying and failing is better than doing nothing at all. What happens on that road to your goal is the story and there isn’t always a happy ending. But! That doesn’t mean getting to the end wasn’t a great story or adventure in itself, right?


So, long story short, my tattoo is a reminder if you will, to keep dreaming and I’ll always have someone watching my back should things go wrong.

Besides, what’s life without dreams?
A boring one.



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