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Busy Being Semi-Unproductive

Foggy Montreal -St Catherine Street

Well today was a rather busy day of semi-unproductive-ness. 😀 But it was fun. See.
I had planned on getting some laundry done to start packing for my trip (I know. I leave on friday and I still haven’t packed… this is normal. You’ll quickly learn I’m probably the queen of procrastinating) after work. Instead I went along with a co-worker while she handed out resumes (and a pit stop to take pictures of the city and the fog) until noon where we went our separate ways: me meeting a friend (Mandy my co-writer over at Dreaming With Ink), her heading home.

Mandy and I then walked up and down Ste-Catherine’s browsing the shops for a bit before going to meet another friend of mine during his lunch break. I hadn’t seen him in a few weeks and we’re going to New York together with a few of our (mostly his) friends on friday so I figured it would be best to get an idea of what our plan is. Once we separated with him, Mandy and I decided we were hungry (that’s not new haha).

We went to visit an old place we frequented during our college days and reminisced those hilarious adventures we had. One day, we should just record our shenanigans just so you see how crazy-sometimes face-palm worthy we get.

Did I say where we had gone? Sorry, we went to this place called L2 in Chinatown! Ordered (the usual): some Green Apple Bubble Tea, Taiwanese Spaghetti, Spring Rolls and Fried Buns. 😀 Delicious. I’m getting hungry again just looking at the photos. Yumm.

After that, Mandy and I got stuck in the rain, raved over cute things at some boutiques, and I went crazy at this korean store. Did I mention I love the catchiness of korean music? Well now you know haha! I’ll get into that next time because, really… that’s a whole post in itself. I’m surprised I hadn’t written about my love for it yet!

Anyway. After this long day I think I’m going to get some sleep!
Until tomorrow~!

Foggy Montreal – St Catherine Street

Green Apple Bubble Tea

Taiwanese Spaghetti

Spring Rolls

Fried Buns

P.S: I didn’t ask how your weekend went!! Sorry about that, hope it went well 🙂

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The Oreo Cheesecake I made today! 😀

So, going back onto the topic of food! You’d think because I love food so much I’d love to cook but you’re wrong… well mostly wrong. I don’t mind it, but I won’t really go out of my way to cook huge meals. I only really cook when I’m super hungry and there’s nothing quick to snack on.

Lunch Timee~!

What I do love though, is baking! I think my co-workers love that I love baking too because I usually bring my cakes to work the next morning and we chow-down like semi-starved animals because of the early hour. This morning, I went to Meli’s house after work because we’ve been meaning to bake a cake and since I’ll be leaving next week on vacation, we decided to get it done asap! Sooo, I taught meli how to make an Oreo Cheesecake!

We also had some spaghetti that she made for a late lunch! Yum!

In case you were interested for the cheesecake recipe I used the typical recipe you could find online!

My Piece

1 1/4 cups of your crumb of choice (I used Oreo crumbs. You can get them in a box at any grocery store)
1/4 melted butter
3 packages (250g each) of brick Cream Cheese
3/4 cup of sugar
3 eggs

Oreo cookies
Milk chocolate chips (I’m not sure how much because I’ve only ever eyed it, probably about half a bag)
Milk (same as above)

Now. I’d suggest using a spring-form pan with a removable outer rim or foil baking pans like I normally use.

Before anything, I always set out my ingredients for at least 10 minutes so everything is room temperature. I know other people don’t do this and I don’t think it makes much of a difference, but I also like looking at everything and get excited to start. 🙂

Preheat your oven at 350F.

For the crust:
You just mix the melted butter with your crumbs evenly. Then put them in your pan and press them down. I use the bottom of a glass to flatten it.

For the filling:
You mix the cream cheese with the sugar. I suggest cutting the blocks into cubes for easier mixing. Once that’s well blended, add your eggs one at time; mix until it’s blended. Try not to over blend. Once that’s done, spread it over your crust. I shake the pan a bit to try and get rid of any bubbles before putting it into the oven.

Don’t forget to have Milk with the cheesecake 😀

Bake it at 350F for 40-50 minutes. You’ll know it’s ready when the edges are firm and the centre is almost but not quite set (it jiggles). Take it out and let it cool for an hour before popping it into the fridge to chill for 4 hours (or overnight).

This is part is optional!

Melt your chocolate chips and mix with the milk gradually until it’s smooth. Then pour on top of your cheesecake! Then, with your oreo cookies, cut them in half and place them along the edges. Put in the fridge for the chocolate to harden overnight. Then Tada! Your cheesecake is done!

I recommend having a nice tall glass of milk with it 🙂

If you have extra cream cheese filling/crust, I make them into cupcakes. For the crust, I put an oreo cookie and fill in the gap with a little bit of the crumbs. Then, just plop in the filling. These take about 30-35 minutes to bake. I also put a bit of melted chocolate on the top!

If you don’t want Oreo, I like making Strawberry Cheesecake. I substitute the oreo crumbs with the Honey Graham ones, instead of melted chocolate I put strawberry jam/jelly and instead of cookies, I put slices of strawberries. OH! I also like putting wild-berry jam if I don’t want strawberries, and then raspberries and blackberries on the edges. 🙂

Meli & I



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Tasty Tidbits About Sam: The Way to Her Heart

My Crepe with a Mountain of Fruits, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Melted Milk Chocolate.

I woke up in a bit of a bad mood and a headache this morning. This post almost didn’t happen because as soon as I got home after a long but fun day out, I knocked out on the couch. But moving onnn~!

Tim’s Healthy Buckwheat Crepe, filled with Turkey, Cheese and other stuff I can’t remember and a Side of Salad

I may or may not have mentioned this before, but I love food. I mean. LOVE it. Look! Look at what I treated myself to for breakfast this morning! (It’s like some higher power knew I was going to be in a bad mood this morning and made sure I planned to go out for “breakfast” dessert with friends.)

Michelle’s Crepe with Vanilla Ice Cream, Whipped Cream, and Strawberries

My family, friends and co-workers know me to have a limitless appetite. As a result, I’m always hungry. And sometimes (annoyingly) I let the people around me know I’m hungry (that means: can we stop and get something to eat now?!), which is almost always.

A prime example of my hunger, after that breakfast, 10 minutes into our walk to somewhere I was hungry again. And then for lunch, I had spicy Chicken Biryani, and (two of) my friends’ poutines (I could have gone for dessert but decided against it– mostly because my wallet had emptied enough for the day haha).

Mandy’s Crepe with Vanilla Ice Cream and Melted Dark Chocolate

Almost everyone who knows me knows that a way to my heart is through my stomach. Feed Me. And I’ll love you forever. You don’t even have to treat me to fancy restaurants or cook huge extravagant meals. Just give me food (I like), this basic essential need for survival, and I’ll love you. Actually. Wait. Probably the only time I won’t love you for giving me food is if there’s Coriander/Cilantro/Chinese Parsley/Whatever-else-it’s-called in it. I greatly dislike this herb. As soon as I taste it, it sets off my gag-reflex. I don’t know why, but it does (it makes me sad and I wish I could ignore it (but I can’t) because a lot of restaurants put that in their dishes… sigh. I always ask to hold on the parsley).

Meli’s Crepe with a Mountain of Fruits and Melted Milk Chocolate

One person told me I probably don’t know what hungry means and I’m just associating this “feeling” for hunger. Who knows. The times when I’m not hungry cause panic because it either means: a) I’m sick, b) something is really really really wrong, or c) I’ve been replaced by some doppelganger who wasn’t aware of my eating habits. Most go for option C but it’s never been proven right so far.

So, if for whatever reason you wanted to be on my good side. Treat me out for food 🙂
I’ll end it here because I’m exhausted and I’m going to go back to sleep.

Until Tomorrow!

P.S: I talked about Book Recommendations over at Dreaming With Ink (a book blog I run with friends) check it out here if you feel like it 🙂

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