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Picture it & Write: Neverland

“Peter!” she shrieks. “Sharing his name doesn’t make you Peter Pan! You can’t fly you asshole!”

He leaps into the air anyway, pushing off the edge of the roof they were lounging on. With shaking hands and unsteady legs Wynona scrabbles for her phone and trips over their messy pile of beer bottles.

She’s too scared to look over the edge and see her friend’s body splattered on the ground where she imagines his blood, guts, and brain matter is out for everyone to see. Her vision clouds and the numbers on her phone blurs. She never presses the dial button though. A familiar loud laugh stops her.

“Wynnie, I’m fine.” Peter’s ghost says. The asshole is already haunting her. He’s still grinning, his dead eyes are still somehow full of life and sparkling with mischief.

She stares at him wondering if the shock of his death sent her over the edge as well. It must have because she’s officially crazy. There’s a thud; her knees give way and she’s shaking.


Peter is lounging on a cloud. A cloud. Laughing like he hasn’t any care in the world.

He stretches his arm out, hand palm up and open in offering. “Let’s go.”


The cloud floats closer and Peter leans down to reach her.

“To Neverland, Wynnie.”

She’s dreaming. She knows it. At least, she thinks she does…

Wynona reaches for his hand anyway.

“To Neverland.”

This is my entry to this week’s Picture it & Write from Ermiliablog~! Been while since I’ve done one but I’m glad to be back. :)

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Picture it & Write: Sweet

There was a haunting howl as night took over the dead forest. The living had long gone from this place they used to call home but soon… soon it would be theirs again. He glanced up at the moon and let her silvery glow embrace him; a cold lover but a soothing familiar friend all the same. He savored the short moment of peace because he knew the rest of the night would be anything but the sweet sanctuary he craved. A hand came to rest on his shoulder and he glanced behind him towards the shadows. “It’s time,” someone said and he nodded in response. There was a hiss and a sharp crack and the forest was instantly lit with red hot heat. Revenge was sweet but home was sweeter and it will be theirs before long.

This is my short short short entry to this week’s Picture it & Write from Ermiliablog~! It’s been a long while since I’ve done one of these but better late than never to get back into the swing of things. 🙂

Feel free to join in on the fun~
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Picture it & Write: Through the Fog

He stood at one end of the bridge just before the thick wall of fog. The sun was rising giving a warm golden hue to everything it could touch and yet, the morning was still cold, chilling to the bone. Maybe it was because of anticipation? Of the unknown?

The fear of being rejected was a cruel cruel monster to the mind but he supposed it was part of life. It had been five years after all. Five long years since he’d last seen her. He wondered if she was on the other side of that fog. Was she there wondering if he was here? Did she even remember their promise? Five years was an awful long time. He didn’t expect her to wait but he hoped. Oh, did he hope.

He took a deep breath and stepped into the fog. It thickened around him like a blanket of doubt. The deeper he went the harder his heart beat in suspense. Then slowly but surely, the fog began to lift and he could see a faint and vaguely familiar silhouette at the other end making his heart skip a beat. The fog wasn’t damp and chilling to the bone anymore. He could feel the warmth of the rising sun, the warmth of love. He smiled when he reached the other end of the bridge.

He couldn’t see her smile because she rushed forward giving him the bone-crushing hugs he’d so dearly missed. He knew she was smiling too though, he could feel it against his chest as he held her close.

“I’m home,” he said.

“Welcome home,” she replied.

This is my entry to this week’s Picture it & Write from Ermiliablog. I hope you enjoyed and maybe join in on the fun!
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Picture it & Write: Living

My entry to this week’s Picture it & Write prompt from Ermiliablog. 🙂

Invaders by *syda-ginger (deviantArt)


Tensions were high, heavy, and suffocating. Smothering her like an overbearing mother and filling the already overflowing car with pressure. Opening the car window, she leaned out in search for relief and felt the strain ease just little by little. She sighed, resting an arm over the edge of the window frame to cradle her head, the other came out to hang over the edge and play arm wrestling with the wind.

The evening was cool and quiet, the road empty except for the two of them, headed to somewhere and nowhere at the same time. Self-discovery maybe, to learn about themselves and each other, to find out where life would take them and if they would continue down that path together. She hoped so. She wanted to continue down this road with him, arguments and all.

Coming up to her right, she could see a clearing; A seemingly never ending field of wide open space and the perfect view of beauty. “Stop!” she said breaking the silence between them for the first time in hours. “Turn there!” She pointed to the clearing.

Her companion looked at her and sighed, probably deciding it was better to just go along with her plans than cause more tension. The sound of crackling gravel beneath their tires filled the air as they left the smooth road. That gave way to the soft whispers of the dancing grass before they came to a stop.

She rushed out of the car with a small gleeful laugh of excitement. Taking in a deep breath of fresh air, the kind of air that was hard to find in the city, she smiled. She turned squinting to try and see through the bright headlights of the car. She stared at him and knew that he was staring back.

“Will you come out here?” she asked. “Please?”

There was a beat of silence and she was worried. Worried this was the end of them. But then, the engine cut and the driver’s door opened. He stepped out, a blanket in his hand, and shut the door behind him.

“Not worried about catching a cold?” he asked, a slight up-tilt to his lips.

That’s when she knew they were going to be okay. “Nope. I have you.”

Taking the blanket and spreading it out for them, she laid under the night sky and after a moment he joined her. They laid there watching the stars zip passed and twinkle, watching the fireflies float by blinking a song in their own morse code, and listening to the whispers of the wind and the crickets chatting away.

“I’m sorry. For earlier,” she said in a whisper. She turned to look at him and found him already looking at her.

He smiled and she smiled back. “I’m sorry too,” he said.

She shuffled closer placing a gentle kiss on the corner of his lips before resting her head on his shoulder. He took her hand, giving it a gentle reassuring squeeze, then brought it up to his lips and placed a kiss along her knuckles.

“What are we doing here?” he asked.

“Living,” she replied.

Hope you enjoyed that
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Picture it & Write: Keys

I should have probably mentioned this in my first post but I’m going to attempt writing one post every day on this blog. I never know what I’ll write about when I open up a blank document and even as I’m typing away right now, I’m still not sure what I want to write… For moments like these I’ll most likely pull up a prompt and see where that takes me!

I found this prompt called Picture It & Write from Ermiliablog and I think this will do just fine!

The room was cold and dark save for the golden flicker of light from the single candle resting on an old wooden table. On that table, piled haphazardly, were keys of every shape and size each engraved with different words. Every step he took towards the keys made his heart beat harder. Anticipation. Fear. Excitement. He placed his hands either side of the table and stared at the keys. What was next?

A whisper broke through the silence that enveloped the room and danced towards his ears. “You wanted to play god and now you can.”

His grip on the table tightened. “You can only choose one key. What do you want? For her to love you? Dream about you? Give you her heart? Her life?”

He lifted his hand ready to choose but it hovered over the pile suddenly hesitant.

“What? What do you want?” The whisper repeated over and over and over again.

Shaking his head in frustration, dark eyes filling with determination, his hand reached out and took a key.

“Good choice.”

Hope you enjoyed!


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