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Getting Serious About Cosplay


You can watch me stress out over cosplay sometimes on SnapChat (samiisabelle). 

Now when I talk about “getting serious” I don’t mean trying to make a career out of cosplay (don’t get me wrong, you could totally work towards a career in cosplay if that’s what you want). What I mean is putting in a bit more effort in my projects instead of just pulling things out of my closet or HOT GLUEING EVERYTHING (but don’t be mistaken. I still use hot glue for a lot of things XD).


Lady Loki (Montreal Comicon 2014)

I think the first cosplay I put any real effort into was my Lady Loki. I learned how to put together some scale maille for a top, I fumbled my way through making some (really heavy) horns, and although I didn’t have enough time to learn how to use my sewing machine I learned shortcuts (with that stitch-witch hemming tape thingy) to put together a cape and “skirt”.

After that, I decided I wasn’t going to leave everything off for the week (or maybe two) before the convention to get my stuff done. Or at least try to anyway.

My big project after Loki and one of my pride and joys would be my Leafeon Gijinka Armour. After coming up with my concept art, I scoured all of youtube, read tons of tutorials, and then dove into the world that is Worbla.


Leafeon Gijinka (Pokemon): On the Left 1st paint job (Atomic Lollipop 2015). On the right 2nd paint job (Otakuthon 2015). (Photo: HM Cosplay Photography)          

I worked on that armour on and off for a month or so, and even though the first paint job I did wasn’t as nice as I wanted it to be for the convention, I loved it. After that con, I went over the previous paint job, added a bit more detail, and experienced my first cosplay photo-shoot at Otakuthon.

The cosplays following Leafeon is me just going through the motions experimenting with any and all materials I can get my hands on. I sewed my first dress for Rory Mercury. I’m learning new techniques in my prop making. I’ve learned how to budget my projects. And while I haven’t perfected my time-managing skills in regards to project decisions/convention dates, I get things done.

thor wip

Thor (Jane Foster) Progress Shots (2016)

There’s just this amazing feeling of watching something, scraps of foam or fabric become something more. I don’t know… I think getting serious about cosplay is about trying new things, and learning from all the mistakes you make along the way.

Sometimes I wonder if I embraced cosplay because it’s easier to see the end result compared to my writing where trying to get to the end of my story is like trying to put out the fires of hell with an ice cube… XD that’s a thought for another time though.

Here’s a little preview of my current project~

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 4.43.41 PM

Bellossom Progress Shots (2016)

Otakuthon is this weekend (Aug 5 – 7) in Montreal and I’ll be attending on Saturday as Rory Mercury (because she’s one of my waifus and I had a lot of fun being her) and Sunday as Bellossom.


Catch me as Rory Mercury on Saturday if you’re going to Otakuthon!        (Photo: Lost Dumplings Photography – Anime North 2016)

Until next time~
Much Love,
Sam ❤

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Bringing Two Loves Together… maybe?


I’ve been away from the blogging world for too long and I’ve been meaning to come back for a while~ Sigh … I’d start typing away on a blog post only to put it on the back burner like almost every other writing project I’ve taken on (outside of school). And to be honest, lately, most of my creative energy has been put into Cosplay and the community I’ve suddenly become a part of.

With some contemplation, I’ve decided: why not try and mix my two loves (or obsessions) together? Cosplay and Writing in to one project sounds pretty easy… I hope? So with some effort, I’ve drafted a few posts, mostly work logs/behind the scenes stuff of my past and current projects.

I’m thinking with the amount of “work-in-progress” photos that I have sitting around on my hard drive, I can post something hopefully once every other week or so~ I don’t know. No promises over here because I can’t seem to keep any blogging promises. Ever.

Now to some long-time followers (if you’re still here haha), you may be wondering, “Why cosplay?” To which I’ll say, “Why not?”

It’s just one of those things where I fell into it fast and hard in typical Sam-Obsessed fashion.

There’s just this energy I get when making something for cosplay, and watching a project come-together… it’s just turned into something I love. As some may know, I used to be an Arts student (I left because I hated the grading system on something so subjective) and I think it’s the old non-practicing artist in me that fell in love with the crafting aspect. There’s also the plus-side of this collaborative aspect I’ve found in cosplay and the community that just fascinates me; it’s something I never really found when I was in the fine arts.

Since I’ve put in a little more effort in my cosplay work, I’ve found myself collaborating with other creators to bring something fun and amazing together. With the photographers, videographers, and other cosplayers I’ve worked with we’re actually bringing these characters some life. I’m just amazed and in love with the fact that I’ve found like-minded people and I think life-long friends along this journey.

And this is the journey that I want to share. I’m not telling you to go out there and join the cosplay community (unless of course you’re totally down!) but I’m hoping that my passion for this hobby of mine can inspire you to find something you’ll passionate about to share~ with all the bad and the sad stuff in the media right now, I think some passion is a nice direction to go in, no?

I hope it won’t bore you too much. But, I do understand cosplay is an acquired taste~ I hope you still stick around! I’ll have some non-cosplay stuff pop in every once in a while (probably ranting and raving over anime since I’ve been going on a binge lately~ who knows!).

The collage above is what I’ve worked on since I’ve put some more effort to my craft! All but one of the cosplays pictured are from 2016~

Ignoring pink-haired and out-of-cosplay self~ I’ll list the characters from Top Left to Bottom Right:

(GenderBend) Vincent ValentineFinal Fantasy VII [Photographer: Alex O’Neill Cosplay Photography]
Rory MercuryGATE: Jieitai Kano Chi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri [Photographer: HM Cosplay Photography]
(GenderBend) Winter Soldier/Bucky BarnesMarvel Comics [Photographer: Flux Studio]
(GenderBend) Varus Heartseeker SkinLeague of Legends [Photographer: Lost Dumplings Photography]
(New) Thor/Jane Foster Marvel Comics [Photographer: Lost Dumplings Photography]
Leafeon (Original design Gijinka) – Pokemon [Photographer: HM Cosplay Photography]
Terra (Teen Titans) – DC Comics [Photographer: My Mother XD]

Until the next post~

Much Love,

p.s: I’ve gathered from my list that I like taking male characters and making them females haha.

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